Bike Functional Assessment & Injury Analysis

Programme Details

Format: A 1:2:1 1hr Analysis and recommendation session with post workshop video links and optional written assessment with Key video/ still shots. Delivered by Clare (Physiotherapist and Triathlon Level 1 coach).

Equipment: Your comfortable cycle gear and your own bike(s). Turbo, riser and mat supplied. Preferably a contrasting colour of top for video sections.

Programme Content:  The analysis starts with a Cycling based Functional Movement Assessment to identify areas of weakness, tightness and asymmetry that may impact the way in which you cycle, your susceptibility to injury, and the power and efficiency that you can gain on the bike. This is followed with a Turbo Video Assessment of your Cycling form and specifically, how this is impacted by your functional analysis and how we can productively suggest improvements that suit you.

Location: The Studio Barn, Manton

When: Please email to book an assessment.

Cost: Note: Written assessments available as an "add on" option up to 2 weeks after the practical session if not ordered at the time.
















A personalised Functional Bike assessment and injury analysis with Clare to help you maximise your riding technique, strength, speed and endurance on your own bike or to treat and prevent minor injuries.

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