Class Payment Options

Payment from January 2017

Since I started in the village hall in 2011 we have maintained prices. Reluctantly, I’m persuaded of the sense in having a “recalibration” of class costs which I hope you will think is still very fair and good value. Virtually everything we do is bespoke, even when we teach “standard” classes we use experience and knowledge to adapt to our audience and to give you the best possible experience. I can promise you that this will never change; if we cease to able to do this, we will not teach classes!

To better reflect how payment is made and the ups and downs of being able to get to class or commit to monthly usage, I’ve added some benefits to go with the changes such as no expiry on pre-purchase cards and the ability to share any pre-purchase card with a named friend or family member to make it as cheap per class as it’s always been – it’s just that you do the admin for me! 

I have no intention of making you pay for classes you do not receive and I think this scheme will be fair for most folks.


Booking is strongly advised to guarantee your place and to ensure that we can contact you in case of any class cancellations or changes. It also helps us to plan classes better.

Please cancel on-line if your plans change so that waitlist folks can jump in. We will not charge you if you cancel online (or text/call)  that you can’t make it or that you’re planning to come  but are likely to have an issue that may mean you don’t appear (i.e. traffic, late train, don’t feel great etc.) We will need to charge if you “no-show” without alerting us, and there was a waitlist and so unless it’s an emergency (when we will understand), please let us know!