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Pre-exercise Health Screening Form

Open Water Swimming Agreement

Parental Consent for open water swimming for children under the age of 18

Underwater Treadmill Running

Thursday, 29 March, 2018 - 5:40 pm to 6:00 pm

Booking:  Online Booking is mandatory with payment on the day. We rely on you cancelling if you can't make it and so please help us to avoid charging for no-shows.
Format: 15 min sessions (suitable for new runners or runners returning from injury), but consequetive sessions may be booked (suitable for 30-45min endurance sessions). Note, as there is a 5 min changeover time between bookings, if you have booked consequetive sessions you can continue during this changeover time. Allow 10-15mins extra for changing & showering.
Important Note: Runners considering this session to rehabilitate from acute injury or surgery that has prevented land based running will be required to provide medical confirmation that they are fit to exercise in this way, at this temperature and for the duration planned without Physiotherapist supervision, or to have completed a 1:2:1 Running Analysis in Studio & Pool with Mary & Clare. If in doubt, please call to ask first!
Cost: £8 per 15 min session, £15 for two consecuetive sessions (35mins) and £20 for three consecuetive sessions (55mins)
Equipment: Lycra swimming trunks/costume or tri-suit. Goggles and hat are not required as water is chest height. You can run in shoes IF THEY ARE UNUSED (NEW) OR HAVE BEEN WASHED IN A WASHING MACHINE (no hand washing) first.

Registered places: 2 / Capacity: 2 / Remaining places: 0

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