1:2:1 Coaching Programmes 2018

Coaching Overview

To find an effective coaching solution you need to ask yourself; 'how much, and what type of help do I need to both develop and then follow a structured, training plan that matches my goals and is realistic within my lifestyle?

You need to consider every aspect of your "tri world", including:

I have created 4 solutions that, from my increasing experience as a Level 3 BTF coach with numerous athletes of differing  distances, abilities, experience and personal circumstances, I believe will fit with the majority of client situations. Please note, this is not an "inferior to superior" ranking approach, e.g. bronze, silver and gold standard. The solutions differ in the emphasis of support that is offered and the prices directly reflect the work time involved, flexibility of approach and level of customisation.

Click on a the buttons opposite to read about me (and what you're buying) and for a more in-depth description of each option and then please just contact me at mary@inspire2tri.co.uk  if you wish to set up a (free) evaluation from November 2017 onwards for the 2018 coaching year (Jan - Oct).

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