Triathlon Individual Workshop

Programme Details

A 3hr Workshop to provide you with basic technical 'know how' across all three disciplines of triathlon and transition and to deliver get-started coaching advice. Suitable for all competitive levels.

Format: A 1:2:1 sesion with exclusive use of the Endless Pool & Studio.

Location:  Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton Weather will not be a problem! We can work entirely inside the studio if needed and so the session will not be cancelled for weather.

Availability: Please ring Mary on 01572 244224 or email

Cost: £120 payable on the day.




Thinking about Triathlon but not sure how to start?  Already done a triathlon or two but want some technical guidance and help with your race plans? Want to maximise your session time with private tuition?  This 3hr course is a personalised 1:2:1 session to provide you with all the essentials of triathlon skills, relative to your level of experience and ability in each discipline.

Outline of Activities

(Note, all times are approximate and can vary in emphasis depending on the client)

* Short Introduction (~ 10 mins): To finalise timings for the session.
* Endless Pool Technique Analysis (45min): A session in the Endless Pool with video analysis of your swimming technique and advice and drill to take away and practice in your training.
* Wattbike Pedalling and Speed skills (45mins): A session on the Wattbike learning the essentials of good pedalling technique with the opportunity to finish with a 3min aerobic test or a full British Cycling Ramp Test to establish accurate heart rate training zones and performance metrics.
* Running Technique (30mins): A 1:2:1 to introduce and practice the essential components of good running form and speed followed by a review of of your running style on the treadmill with advice on how to maximise your post-bike run performance.
* Transitions (30 mins):  Logistics and techniques for transition including bike mount/dismount practice and hints and tips on how to 'Transition like a pro'! If weather allows we will be outside using the I2T transition rail to practice speed transitions!
* Plans & Coaching Advice (30 mins):  Tailored coaching advice on planning sessions and organising your training to match the events and distances that you are targeting.