Sponsorship Fund



If you're an Inspire2tri client raising money for charity for a sponsored fitness or sports challenge just email me (mary@inspire2tri.co.uk) and tell me what event/challenge you're doing; who for; why you're doing it and when it is.
I'll share available funds between the clients with inspiring requests!


Once our set-up costs were officially paid off and I2T moved gently into the 'black' in 2013 I put aside £50 a month to sponsor I2T clients who are doing inspiring fitness or sports challenges for really good causes/charity. Over the past two years I've grown it a bit and will continue to do so as far as I can.

This is a small 'thank you' for the great support you give to I2T and sits well with my ethos of inspiring you to go on and do great things with any training or help I2T has been able to give to you.  Inspire2tri clients are up to great things; be inspired to join them!