The Studio Build

The Studio & Gym

The Studio Barn started life as a very dilapidated cowshed but we had a vision for what it could be instead! Planning started in November 2011, and on 10th May 2012 plans were approved to convert and extend the barn to form a new "Rural Pursuit Centre".
You can see some of the build pictures opposite. Nearly all of the original barn was removed and rebuilt with the exception of the original stone wall which had a powerwash makeover!
Iconic features of the new build included a curved sedum grass roof for the studio and rain chains for drainpipes. The original size and internal division of the cowshed was retained to create the kitchen and gym areas.
We opened in November 2012, a year after the original planning started and six months in the making.
The original build did not have a car park. This was added a year later.