Our Brilliant Volunteers

Our Team Goals

We have a small team of dedicated instructors and a fantastic group of volunteers for our older and vulnerable adult classes that make it all possible.
Our collective aim is to provide you with the best possible all-round experience whether that's an exercise class to develop your functional fitness or a technical coaching session for the serious competitor.
To this end, we will always try:
  • To make time around our sessions to talk to you about your goals and your progress and answer any questions you may have.
  • To  tailor all of our classes and coaching sessions to be safe and applicable to YOU using our knowledge and personal experience. We try very hard to fit to your needs, rather than making you fit with us! Exercise can be a daunting prospect especially for our older and clinically vulnerable client and so fun and friendship is paramount.
  • We also know that our serious athletes want to have fun classes (of course!) but also need to see rewards away from Inspire2tri in terms of increasingly stronger performances. We commit to continually research, innovate and educate to give you the tools and ideas to meet your own fitness, wellbeing and training goals.
Once we've 'inspired you to tri', we hope we can 'motivate you to fly'!