More Active Rehabilitation Classes

Class Details

Goal: To extend fitness for more senior clients or those who have finished their primary rehabilitation.

Format: A circuits based class where you will use an Elliptical trainer, stationary bike and rowing machine within your circuits as well as lots of different gym equipment a slightly more challenging aerobic programme.
Class Instructor: Jo Roberts and Dawn Revens (Exercise Referral L4). Contact Dawn for Thursday's class or Jo for Tuesday's class.
Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton   Fully accessible single level studio with disabled parking option.
Times: Tuesday 11:15 am, Thursday 1:30pm
Cost: £4.50 per class (£3 if on a current Exercise Referral scheme).


A fun, friendly “circuits format” class for all ages in a stunning private studio overlooking rural Rutland countryside, focused on those who want a little more challenge from Cardiac Rehab (once graduated) or from standard Active Rehab.