Balls, Bands, Body & Balance

Programme Details

Goal: To improve your strength, core control and balance.
Format: A 1hr class comprising of a warm up, a series of exercises with varied equipment and bodyweight and a cooldown.
Programme Content: Easy to follow exercises targeted at specific parts of the body and with different challenges throughout. Always changing and evolving to keep it interesting and effective. Open to all and manageable at a variety of levels.
Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton
Availability: 09:30 - 10:30 Friday. Booking online essential as this class is regularly full..
Cost: Pay as you go, £7, Multiple class discount schemes available - click here for info.


Balls, Bells, Bands, Body Blitz!, delivered by Mary is a class based on simple but effective exercises and up tempo music to improve your strength, fitness, balance and core control.
The format is based on a stationary circuit using kettlebells, resistance bands, Swiss Balls and bodyweight exercises which can be adapted to provide a challenging routine for ANY level of fitness. As we go through the class I will explain the purpose and value of each exercise and monitor your technique to make sure that you are both effective and safe in everything that you do. And most of all, I hope to provide a fun way to improve your fitness and wellbeing in a beautiful, small studio environment with stunning views over the Rutland Countryside!