Kettles & Core

Class Information

Currently Friday morning at 9:30 - 10:30.
Booking Online important.

The Studio Barn, Manton
Classes currently delivered on the Rainbow Trail
£7 PAYG or class cards available for "mix and match" classes at £30 for 5 sessions, £55 for 10 sessions and £75 for 15 sessions. Cards only debited when classes taken or no-show without a booking cancellation. Payment may be made via contactless card or Bank Transfer.
COVID safety measures and checks will apply for on-site classes. We are equipped with state of the Art UVC Air Sanitising Units to create a safe indoor environment in which to exercise and will continue to socially distance in all of our outdoor areas.

 A class based on simple but effective exercises targeted at specific parts of the body and with different challenges throughout. Always changing and evolving to keep it interesting and effective. Open to all and manageable at a variety of levels.with time to add advice and instruction on form and the rationale for each exercise.

The format is a 30min kettlebell session followed by 30 min core work (currently with minimal equipment). As we go through the class I will explain the purpose and value of each exercise and monitor your technique to make sure that you are both effective and safe in everything that you do. And most of all, I hope to provide a fun way to improve your fitness and wellbeing.
When we transition back into the Studio with fewer COVID restrictions we will re-integrate sections from the previous "Balls, Bells and Bands" format.