Falls Management Classes

Class Details

Goal: To improve: strength, balance & coordination; ease of performing daily living activities; bone density & muscle mass; confidence (reduc fear of falling); emotional wellbeing; overall health and to reduce your risk of having a fall.
Format: There are 7 parts to the sessions: Endurance Training, Balance Training, Strength Training, Backwards chaining (getting up and down off the floor), Functional Floor Activities, Flexibility & Tai Chi.
Class Instructor: Liz Gregory leads the Advanced FaME Monday class and Jo Roberts leads the Steady Steps Beginners & Improvers class.
Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton   Fully accessible single level studio with disabled parking option.
Availability: Monday 14:00 (Advanced), Friday 11:00 (Intermediate), Thursday 13:45 (Beginners)
Cost: Advanced class £4.50 per clas or £3 if on referral scheme. Beginners Classes run in 24week blocks (subject to funding) and are free of charge for clients meeting the entry criteria.




We are currently running three classes specifically to help you with these challenges. Our Monday Class is a more advanced FaME (Falls Management) class with progressive seated and standing exercises. Our Friday class called "Steady Steps graduates" is an intermediate class mainly for those who have completed the original Steady Steps introductory class or who wish to come to a lower intensity class than our Active Rehab classes. We currently run a free 24 week (half way through by end of year 2018) beginners class on Thursdays at 13:45 - 15:15. All three classes are tailored to individual needs and preferences, with an opportunity to socialise with tea and coffee afterwards.