Class Information

Wednesday evening 18:30 - 19:30 in the studio or on the Rainbow Trail in summer.

£7 PAYG or class passes available for purchase on the EOLA booking system for all 1hr classes at £30 for 5 sessions, £55 for 10 sessions and £75 for 15 sessions.

We are equipped with state of the Art UVC Air Sanitising Units to create a safe indoor environment in which to exercise and will continue to avoid overcrowding in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Kettlebells provides an all all over body workout with varied resistance and aerobic movements that improves your fitness, strength, balance & coordination. This is a safe and easy-to-follow group exercise class for men and women, tailored to accomodate a range of fitness levels and with the emphasis always on good technique and form.

If you have any significant medical issue; or are on older exerciser new to aerobic exercise with a varied range of movement patterns and floorwork this class may be a little intensive to start your fitness journey. Please contact Mary for advice on other suitable options.