Core, Strength & Balance Circuits

Class Details

Goal & Format: Core, Strength & Balance is a 1hr class with 45 mins of whole body work in a circuit format, focused on core control, balance & range of motion in fun and innovative ways. We will use a whole range of simple but effective equipment (e.g. swiss balls, resistance bands, gliders, sandbells, Bosu's, bars, boxes, and the TRX) to make it interesting and fun, with a changing format that means there's always something you will recognize and something new to challenge you.
Who is this class suitable for: EVERYONE and you'll find it interesting and challenging. Great for general fitness and a really great way to start the weekend for anyone!

Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton

When: Friday 18:00 - 19:00
Cost: Pay as you go, £7, Multiple class discount schemes available - click here for infoOnline Booking essential.