Class Information

Friday 18:00 - 19:00
Classes currently suspended pending COVID and social distancing easement.
Booking Online important when classes return.

The Studio Barn, Manton
£7 PAYG or class cards available for "mix and match" classes at £30 for 5 sessions, £55 for 10 sessions and £75 for 15 sessions. Cards only debited when classes taken or no-show without a booking cancellation. Payment may be made via contactless card or Bank Transfer.
COVID safety measures and checks will apply for on-site classes. We are equipped with state of the Art UVC Air Sanitising Units to create a safe indoor environment in which to exercise and will continue to socially distance in all of our outdoor areas.

Core, Strength & Balance is a 1hr class with 45 mins of whole body work in a circuit format, focused on core control, balance & range of motion in fun and innovative ways.

We will use a whole range of simple but effective equipment (e.g. swiss balls, resistance bands, gliders, sandbells, Bosu's, bars, boxes, and the TRX) to make it interesting and fun, with a changing format that means there's always something you will recognize and something new to challenge you.

Suitable for everyone and you'll find it interesting and challenging. Great for general fitness and a really great way to start the weekend.

Will return when COVID restrictions allow.