Sports Conditioning

Programme Details

Goal: To enhance your existing sports performance through specific, functional core and strength training.
Format: Warm up, approx. 45mins of core, strength and range-of-motion work followed by a short cool down. (1hr class)
Programme Content: A standing and floor based session covering all major muscle groups with balance, varied tempo, strength and core challenges.The functional focus is on swim, bike and run but also suitable for rowers and team sports.
Location: Manton Studio, for Patio options of via ZOOM, Monday 18:00 - 19:00 (will revert to later time in Autumn/Winter)
Availability: Online Booking mandatory to guarantee your place as we build classes specific to participant numbers weekly.
Cost: Pre paid cards only- click here for info.








The objective of these sessions is to enhance your existing sports training through controlled strength and core work taking you through full range-of-motion movement that challenges both body and mind.
If you can identify with any of the following needs, then this could be exactly right for you:
These sessions use Swiss Balls, Resistance Bands, Sliders, occasionally weights and always body-weight based

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