In-Water Triathlon

Session Information

The "In Water Triathlon" Project, funded by Sport England has allowed us to extend our Endless Pool Sport & Fitness Pathway by providing unique "disability & injury friendly" pool-based challenges for sport, fitness & rehabilitation, with associated physiological and psychological benefits of waterbased sport and exercise.
We can provide in-water triathlon experiences for disability clubs, small groups or 1:2:1 older exercisers and disability clients. With a range of water temperature and time options we try to respond to your specific need and most requests are different, and so please contact Mary to discuss your idea and need.



The group in this picture is Ketton Panthers Special Needs Group having a great time in the pool doing their In-water Triathlon's with Dr Susie Imber, winner of BBC’s  "Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?".
With a Hoist (if needed), Water Bike, Walking Rails and our own self-funded expertise and existing resources and infrastructure we can provide assisted Treadmill Walk/Run, Swimming and Pool Cycling to enable more people with injury, disability and health challenges to engage in multi-sport & fitness in a safe, fun environment.
Put these all together in ANY amount from a few seconds to a several minutes each and you have a completely unique "In water triathlon".