Endless Pool Swimming Technique Development

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Individual Session

Pair Sessions

Payment on the day by cash, card or bank transfer (ask for details).
Please contact me (Mary) via email (pref) or phone to find a slot. Note: This is a very popular and busy programme, and evening and weekend availability is very limited but if you have early morning or daytime availability I can usually get you in quite quickly.

The main goal of these sessions is to help you to improve your swimming technique to enable you to enjoy your swimming with less effort and even go faster if you wanted to. If you can identify with any of the following challenges, then this could be the help you need:

  • I am a novice swimmer and would love to know how to improve my breathing which I can't seem to get right!
  • Swimming is often hard and I know I'm not quite doing it right but I can't work out exactly what to change.
  • I've never seen myself swim and that would really help me understand what to improve.
  • I want to expend a lot less effort.

I want you to see real benefits from coming to this session and so will focus on the improvements that are specific to you. Over 900 swimmers have so far!! You will get a short list of "to do's" in the form of a voice-over video file and your swim videos on a 2GB memory stick (1 stick included with first session0 to practice on your own or with friends/family. And if I've helped you, we hope you'll want to come back and work on new improvements!

All sessions allow 15mins for pre-swim discussion, changing & showering time.You will only need costume/tri-suit, towel & goggles and a hat (latter can be lent if required). In Pair sessions, both swimmers will swim concurrently with alternate coaching and practice.

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