In-water Cycling

Session Information

Projected to be available again for evening group sessions and daytime private use from May/June 2021 when COVID distancing restrictions are eased.
The Pool Barn, Manton
£12 per 30 min or £20 for 1hr within a scheduled run/bike/swim evening session. You can buy a 5 x 30 min session card for £48 or a 5 x 1hr session card for £80 (both cards offer one session free against the PAYG price).
£25 for 1hr 1:2:1 private use or £20 each for a private partner session. Note: second person can swim or run as only one bike available.
Payment via contactless card or bank Transfer on the day.
Lycra swimming trunks/costume or tri-suit anda towel. Goggles and hat are not required as water is chest height. You can cycle in new or machine washed pool shoes; sorry we are unable to lend water shoes at the current time.

COVID safety measures and checks will apply and changing/showering facilities may be initially restricted. We are equipped with state of the Art UVC Air Sanitising Units and Dry Fogging to create a safe indoor environment in which to exercise.



Cycling in water is fun and can be as challenging as you want to make it!
Waist high water reduces your body weight by approximately 50%, increasing to 75% at chest height. The resultant natural buoyancy reduces impact and therefore stress on leg joints and lower back whilst the hydrostatic pressure helps to support the body to provide a safe but highly effective workout environment.
These sessions are great if you enjoy cycling but have a restriction or injury that prevents you cycling on land. They are kind to the legs and you can use them as a recovery session or a gentle way to progressively increase fitness.