TANITA Body Composition Analysis (BCA) for Sport, Fitness & Health


Existing Inspire2tri Sport or Fitness Clients attending classes or 1:2:1 sessions
These are clients with Loyalty cards (or who pay £7 per class for their initial 3 classes) or who attend Inspire2tri for swim, bike, run or physio 1:2:1 sessions. The Analysis will be done before a sport or fitness class or your 1:2:1 session (please organise this with the instructor directly when you're next in) at a cost of £7 if you are still on the PAYG system, or 1 tick from your pre-paid card.
Note: this does not include personal analysis of your results. Information on how to interpret your results. You have three options depending on how much help you need, or the severity of your results:
1) A guide with relevant Information to interpret your results is dislayed ion the studio whiteboard.
2) Book into one of our group "TANITA Analysis and Action" classes led by Dawn (normal class fees apply, check Booking system for availability)
3) Book a 30min 1:2:1 session at a cost of £30, with Dawn dawn@thecompeater.com
Those not attending regular classes or 1:2:1 sessions
If you are not an existing client (i.e. do not attend classes or 1:2:1 sessions) but you want to take advantage of this service you can book a 1:2:1 assessment and Analysis lastling 45 mins with Dawn dawn@thecompeater.com at a cost of £45.
Screening Form
This Screening Form must be completed before your test. Copies are also available in the studio. .TANITA Screening Form .


The definition of body composition is 'the percentages of bone, fat, water and muscle in human bodies'. All these factors can be measured.
BCA is a method to gain insight into your physical health. It gives a broad range of information about the state of your body. This gives you valuable indight into how you can set goals for improving your health and/or Sports performance and/ keep your body in balance. It’s similar to using the body mass index (BMI) as a health indicator but much more reliable and informative on the individual level.

The outcome of the BCA gives insights about your physical wellness. By doing an analysis you get a thorough evaluation of the components of your body composition. Whether these components are in a healthy range depends on many factors. It differs within gender, age, weight and also by sport and fitness practice.

You can use the results of a BCA to motivate you towards your sports and fitness goals get an estimation of how healthy you are and to discover your health risks and prevent them from developing.