Personal Swim

Session Details

1hr self-directed session to include entry, exit and changing time. Flume controllers will be explained if you are not already familiar with their operation. The session is NOT coached, but monitored  in case of technical issues or emergency. Video is not available for these sessions.
Individual swim £25/hr, Pair swim £20/hr each. (Sorry, no more than two people at any one time at the moment).
Contactless card payment before the session. Note, there is no cancellation charge but repeated late cancellation and/or no-show may limit you to "on the day" availability only.
Booking: Please contact Mary on 01572 737185 or WEEKDAY Daytime availability only.
Pool temperature: 29-30C
A chance to train hard or take a leisurely swim at your own pace in your own private session in our magnificant Endless Pool. And if you're coming for a late afternoon evening session, you can put on the mood lighting and pool lights for some real atmosphere!
You will have private access to the pool shower/toilet room and can bring your own swim aids.
You do not need to come changed and you can change and shower after your session but we will explain some simple but important common sense COVID safety measures prior to arrival.