Swim Drills Masterclass

Programme Details


£20, 1hr session (45mins water time), 4 people per class. Contactless Payment on the day. Pool opens 10 mins before the session time.


Costume/tri-suit, goggles and swim hat. I have a selection of floats, paddles, fins, pullbuoys and bands but please bring your own equipment if you have it. 

Sessions will restart in Spring 2023. Contact Mary if you have a group of 4 and want an earlier booking.

The goal of these sessions is to cover a popular range of drills used in Clubs and training plans for frontcrawl swimming, ranging from simple drills for least experienced swimmers to gain confidence in the water and improve body position, through to more challenging and complex drills for more experienced swimmers.

We will cover the purpose of the drill; what it should feel like if done correctly and how using equipment can help (or hinder!) the drills' effectiveness. We will discuss and try different variants of most drills and look at the pro's and con's of each. Whilst not an individual technique session, the objective is for you to go away understanding how to use drills effectively for your stage in your swimming journey. We will also cover the concept of how to "pattern" drills into the swim stroke so that they are a logical part of your swim development.

The emphasis of each level is below. Note: Level 1 & 2 make a good combo for swimmers getting to grips with basic good form above the water, and Level 2 & 3 make a good combo for more experienced swimmers wanting a holistic view of key positional and catch/pull drills. The timing of sessions (opposite) enable you to do individual sessions or successive sessions of either 1&2 or 2&3 if you wish.

Although there is no individual "video deliverable" from the session we will use video throughout both above and below water as relevant, to review and critique our techniques.Please come with lots of curiosity to try things and to gain experience from watching others in the group!