The Pool


The Endless Pool has multiple uses:

We have a range of swimming options which you can explore here. With underwater treadmills we are able to offer walk/run options which you can explore here. We also have a "water cycle" which you can learn about here. If you want to swim, bike and run in the same session why not explore doing a bespoke in-water triathlon here. And if you're looking to rehabilitate from injury with physiotherapist led exerise then you can learn about options here.
This is truely a multipurpose brilliant facility with something for everyone!

This Pool Barn is a flagship complex for Swim Coaching, Underwater Treadmill Running, In-water triathlon and Aquatic Physiotherapy that is not only unique to Rutland but within the Country for it’s progressive design and multi-use facilities. You can see it's history here.
With an internal floor areas of just over 60 square metres and an external design matching the existing Studio, the Pool Barn houses a semi-sunken dual propulsion Performance Endless Pool each with an underwater treadmill; changing, toilet and shower facilities.
The Camera system used for Technique analysis is a SwimCam Pro latest update 4 camera system with overhead, front, side and underwater cameras synchronised to capture your every move.
The entrance to the pool is at wheelchair height, but a mobile hoist is available.