Peggy Crome, GB Age Group Triathlete

What people think of us

While in Spain for the Europeans, I was honoured to be invited, by Mary, to go to Rutland for an end of season relaxation weekend. Having gained our attention this was soon referred to as a 'Boot Camp' and then evolved into a 'Guinea Pig' weekend for triathletes, to enable Mary and Gail to use us to try out some activities!

The weekend turned out to be a mix of fun and serious triathlon training.  Although the activities were diverse, don't be fooled into thinking that attention to detail was compromised.  As a triathlete who has been involved in the sport since triathlon first arrived in Great Britain in the early 80s, I still found plenty to take away from my few days in Rutland. Mary and Gail had obviously spent a good deal of time and energy planning the weekend.  We covered so much in a short time.

Personally, I found Gail's Body Pump session a new experience and the following day my muscles told me that I had used muscles that had previously been neglected. Mary has an indoor pool with all the gadgets and technology one could hope for in an indoor pool.  The mirror on the bottom of the pool, the replays and Mary drawing our attention to weaknesses and points to note, were all conducive to a smoother more efficient front crawl stroke. I shall do my best to integrate all the advice into my winter training sessions.  I believe Mary and Gail are hoping to extend the swimming to open water swimming in the nearby lake to add another dimension to the swim training.

I thoroughly enjoyed the X-Country run where we joined the local running club and we quickly slotted into a group which suited our running abilities. We even had time to learn about the mysteries of derailleurs and how to replace an inner tube quickly on our bikes.  In addition, we all had a go at bike technique on  'virtual reality' turbo trainer.  I had a near accident by splitting my sides with laughter when (Bev) crashed into anything and everything by attacking the course at great speed!

Cheryl was called in to perform massages; this was great because she cured one of my niggling twinges, with the minimum amount of pain, because I have often found that massages don't agree with my low pain threshold!

In spite of my many years in triathlon there was much to learn and it was good to have the mix of group participation with the one-to-one coaching. I came away with resolutions to keep up the body pump, work on my swim technique and practise my hula-hooping and juggling skills (that's another story!). I should like to have stayed much longer but on the Monday morning Mary pushed me in the car with Chris, her long-suffering husband, with orders to take me to Leicester Coach station and to put me on the first coach back to Devon.

If you are in two minds whether to participate in the 'inspire2tri'  just do it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Trust me, I'm a triathlete!