Judith Green, Runner

What people think of us

Dear Mary,

 Thank you for the running session. 

 It was inspiring - you knew I'd say that, because it was astonishingly simple and obvious.  It left me wondering why I haven't been running like that all the time and I also felt you were telling me what I already knew. 

This always happens when I read a brilliant book -I think I knew it already, but the obvious would not have occured to me if it had not been put right in front of me. 

 More recently...I fell into 2012 summer holidays: tired, overweight & slow. It was clear I needed to be stronger to keep up with the family, job & home. With trepidation, & no triathlon on the radar, I joined Mary's exercise class on a Monday night.

There was a warm welcome & a clear explanation of each move, referring to the muscle groups being developed.  The class took us through a focused & fun, really, warm up to a varied range of activities. Mary is always supportive & extremely enthusiastic, encouraging us all into a full range of moves, never giving us a moment to be bored or complacent but always making us feel as if we're making some form of progress. Now these weekly classes feel as if they top up my engine-making me stronger & more effective.

I have joined the swimming group which gives us clear pointers on how to improve, again run in fun, varied & constructive sessions. Is that a triathlon on 2013 horizon?

It's going to be an amazing business venture. Mary is an inspiration - just try & you'll see.

Judith x