Wendy Walker, Triathlete

What people think of us

I have known Mary for a few years and after coming to a stand still with my swimming progress, came to Mary for help. I have always found swimming hard work and not natural and envy those people who can 'tick tock' up and down the pool making it look effortless. After some disappointing swims at the British Gas Open water series, thought enough was enough. In Mary's endless pool I had my first session to find out I was a swinger! Who knew! She made me feel comfortable about what I was doing which was a first for me with my swimming .... I over think things and then panic. She took this away and sent me off with some homework ..... Really?!?! Like a good student, I went off to the pool not because she told me to (well she kinda did) but because I wanted to. Felt like I'd had a break through and I had. At my second session, it felt easy(ier), I found a new toy ... tick tock thing and she teased me with the speed .... thought she was trying to kill me but she was just showing what my improvement had done. End result - a new PB over the mile open water swim. RESULT!! What else is there to say! Being able to ask the most stupid question because I needed to, to be able to understand and knowing that she understands what I'm trying to say, means a lot. Mary manages to find the buttons on people that make them want to work for themselves that little bit more.

I've now started going to two of Mary's classes at her spanky new place (very nice!). As Mary will vouch, I was a little nervous at first thinking I would be surrounded by super fit triathletes and I would look stupid (its a theme). Mary put my mind to rest via email, that everyone would work to their own ability and its true. Not once have a felt out of place and have truly felt that I am improving. Mary gives you various options for each exercise which I have worked my way from the lower level to mid/hard. Do not get me wrong, its HARD, your legs shake, thoughts of mean-ness pass through my mind whilst doing some exercises, you sweat BUT you smile. Everyone who is there is friendly and help you out when needed. Partnering Zoe (Iron Lady) on some exercises and not being to shabby compared to her, has to mean I'm improving!! I go because I want to. My reasoning for starting the turbo (kills me) and the strength/conditioning class is because I have London Marathon next year and Dambuster. My aim is a sub 5 hr marathon for the first time and a PB in the triathlon. I have been injury prone in the past especially with my shoulder but from my new swinging technic in swimming and these classes have had no problems and may it continue. All down to being taught good technic!!!!

All down to you Mary. Thank you Mary for taking you time and patience with me. You have made me feel for the first time, that is ok to be me and my best is good enough ..... as proved at London Triathlon :-)