Tobi Gowers, Triathlete

What people think of us

I had been completing triathlons for a number of years and never performed to my full potential and then someone told me about inspire2tri. The combination of Mary's weekly training plan, adapted to how i'm feeling, my goals and events, and the sports conditioning class has been a revelation. My fitness levels are the best they have ever been which is all down to Mary and the excellent support she provides.

Since Mary has coached me, I have managed to step up the distance from Olympic to Middle and I'm finding I am placing a lot higher in events. I'm never going to set the world alight but there is a certain satisfaction coming into transition knowing that there are only a few people ahead of you. A novel experience for 2012 and I hope to replicate in 2013!

Sadly I have moved away from Rutland and can no longer enjoy(?) the S & C classes. However, Mary has kindly agreed to continue to provide the weekly training plan, which I am hugely grateful for!

Many thanks Mary, you're the best!