John Harry, Runner & PT Client

What people think of us

Hi Kate, just wanted to say: I came to inspire to tri to help me to prepare for the Great North Run (half marathon, 13.1 miles) with 20 weeks to go, with little training and low confidence at the age of 73 after a disastrous attempt two years before... and after our discussion and your enthusiasm  you  carefully pushed me to my limits, improved my core fitness and improved my running style drastically.

The course resulted in improvement in posture and  balance, lowered my pulse rate, improved  breathing and  muscle tissue, as well as endurance.

The net effect was to improve my confidence and I successfully completed the race ten minutes faster than two years previously.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done to help me and I'm sure I'll be coming to see you soon with my wife in tow!

 John Harry