Darren Thoirs, Ironman

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"A disappointing 06:27:50 finish in the Vitruvian in August 2013 was a bit of a reality check for me and although I suffered badly from cramp I knew I had a lot of work to do to justify even attempting Ironman. The race report from Gemma finishing Ironman Austria inspired me and I wanted to give everything I could to get onto that Ironman finishers chute in Frankfurt. After the disappointment of the Vitruvian I decided that I needed some additional help and I signed up with Mary Hardwick of Inspire2Tri on her co-pilot training scheme. This provided the benefit of a BTF Level 3 coach overseeing the weekly training plans as well as offering sports conditioning, kettles, strength training, wattbike testing, swim stroke correction etc. My training changed from unstructured ad-hoc training to focused efforts where I was taught to look at the objectives and benefits of every single training session.


The introduction of quality training and analysing the performance statistics almost became an obsession but I loved it - no more junk miles. Into 2014 and I worked with a 26 week training plan leading up to Frankfurt. I developed an understanding of my heart rate zones and power zones and used these during training to optimise performance. Training was based on 4 week blocks with each week increasing in intensity for 3 weeks followed by an easier week. I continued to test fitness levels by monitoring aerobic endurance with VO2 max and other outputs to ensure the plan was working and it was with great results.I also worked with Kate Rasell at I2T on some PT and strength work and had regular appointments with Ann Le Bek for sports massage and rehab and together the I2T team really looked after me."

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