Philippa Guy, Ultrarunner

What people think of us

"If you said to most people that you still wanted to run your first Ultramarathon (40 miles) which was taking place 6 weeks after you finished a "return to run" plan following physio they would laugh and advise you to cancel your place. Especially when the furthest you had run in months was 6 miles.

Mary's response however was " yikes ! I would love to help you ! " Despite being fully booked with her regular classes and athlete sessions Mary made time to meet with me and find out exactly what the event involved and how running fitted into my working week.  Mary then created an incremental 6 week plan specifically designed to reflect the lapped structure of the ultra, including clear and simple parameters that I could use to assess and manage my progress and pain level each week.

This plan, together with a referral to Sheena for sports massage, recovery rollering and stretching techniques completely transformed my training and provided me with a clear plan of how to manage my running and recovery during the event itself.  I am delighted to say that on the day the "wicked and cunning " plan worked a treat and the training meant I completed my last mile feeling strong and even managed a sprint at the end ! 

 Mary, Julie and Sheena are a phenomenal team, providing a unique combination of sport- specific expertise, knowledge and skills along with an overwhelmingly positive can-do approach which really does inspire you to try, and ultimately achieve,  your goals "

Many thanks again :)