Julie Atherton, Novice Triathlete

What people think of us

I decided to do my first triathlon this year, which all seemed like a good idea at the time, but after thinking it through I decided I had no idea what I was doing, or should be doing. 

I contacted Mary, knowing she was an enthusiastic triathlete and from that moment on my feet didn't touch the ground.  She was always there giving me words of encouragement and making me push myself that bit  more than I thought possible.  Before I knew where I was I had entered a 10K run and a few weeks later a 1,500m open water swim. 

She made me believe in myself and the feeling of finishing both of those races was second to none.  She not only talks the talk, she also walks the walk and is an inspiration to everyone.  On the day of the triathlon she encouraged and motivated all of the girls I did it with and we all have great admiration for her.  

I could never have done my tri without her - I had no confidence but now I have self belief and lots of gratitude.