Michele Herbst, Runner

What people think of us

I’ve worked with Mary for nearly twenty years and have watched her apply her passion and determination to many successful professional endeavours. Several years ago Mary set her mind to a personal transformation becoming the amazing athlete that she is today. Mary applied that same passion and drive to her athletic endeavors and has become a role model that has inspired me to integrate personal fitness into my everyday life.

We’ve shared runs, personal stories and accomplishments over the years and Mary remains a constant source of motivation to continue to pursue my athletic goals. She’s really personified for me that notion of “just do it…it can change your life every day”. Plus I can hear her shouting in my head on those unmotivated mornings “ get yourself out the door and GO RUNNING!” …and I am ALWAYS glad I listened.

Michele Herbst, Vice President, Technical Customer Support, Customer Engineering & Strategic Customer Programs