Endless Pool Technique Coaching

Programme Details

Individual Session
Iniitial Session: 1hr total (45 mins water time), £65
Follow up Session: 45mins total (30mins water time), £55
Pair Sessions
Allow 1hr 25mins total (60 mins water time), £50 each
Booking for 1person sessions here. Please ask for pair session times. Note Mary takes weekday sessions and Darren takes Saturday morning sessions. If you can't find the session you want, please email Mary on mary@inspire2tri.com as I have some weekday additional times but fit around other commitments.

Both Mary & Darren are experienced Level 3 Triathlon coaches and swim coaches. Regardless of whether you are a recreational swimmer or a serious athlete, the main goal of these coaching sessions is to improve your swimming technique, enabling you to swim faster and longer with less effort.

We want you to see real benefits from coming to this session and so will focus on the improvements that are specific to you. Over 900 swimmers have so far!! You will get a short list of "to do's" and your swim videos on a 2GB memory stick (1 stick included with first session) to practice on your own or in your club environment. And if we've helped you, we hope you'll want to come back and work on new improvements!

All sessions allow for pre-swim discussion, due diligence paperwork, changing & showering time.You will only need costume/tri-suit, towel & goggles and a hat. In Pair Sessions, both swimmers will swim concurrently with alternate coaching and practice.