Endless Pool Club Video Session

Programme Details

Cost from 1/4/2018

Availability & Booking
Club Coaches, Personal coaches or Swim Organisers please contact Mary to discuss your time preference and to book on behalf of your Club.
A session for Club coaches to get high resolution above and under water video for between 4 and 8 members per session. Each swimmer has a minimum of 15 mins in the Endless Pool, with 5 mins for warm up and 10 mins for obtaining a set of top, side, front and under-water videos with the extremely high quality SwimPro elite performance camera system.
This is not a coached session, but I will work with your Club Coach (on poolside with me for the session, but may also be a swimmer for one slot), to comment on videos as they are taken with any pointers towards issues of interest.
At the end of the session your nominated Coach will receive a 2Gb memory stick with the complete set of swimmer videos. This is intended to provide a good platform for you to work with your club coach on personalised technique improvements.

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