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The Monthly Ironman Plan Approach

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GENTLE WARNING -  Ironman Training shouldn't be taken on lightly and you are likely to find that you need the comfort of reliable ad-hoc support and "joined up thinking" to keep you mentally and physically on track and as injury free as possible.Ironman distance isn't simply 2 x 70.3!
Creating training plans is usually non-trivial to perform at your best and there is almost always a lot of new "learning" to be done along the way, regardless of your experience level.This scheme can be equally tailored to long distance athletes who are experienced and what to push on with a more technical progressive personalised plan or to complete beginners who want the help and support of a strong foundation to achieve longer distance for the first time. Plans are NOT based on a standard template "one-size fits all approach" hence the greater investment required (on both of our parts!).