Metabolic Testing for Athletes

Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Are you a triathlete who has their training plan sorted but you’re not sure what to do about your nutrition? If you get this sorted you will go faster for longer, recover quicker and minimise your risk of injury.
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Your metabolism is the set of complex biochemical processes, where the calories from the food and drink you consume are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to train and race. It is as unique as your fingerprint and is affected by factors such as age, body composition, hormone function, physical activity levels and diet. Understanding how your body produces and consumes energy is key to improving your athletic performance.
For endurance athletes, understanding your metabolic efficiency is necessary to inform your fuelling strategies, particularly for longer distances. If your metabolism is operating efficiently, you will be burning around 80% fat at rest and 20% carbohydrate and the carbohydrate used for energy production will increase with the intensity of exercise. If you are metabolically inefficient, you could be burning 80% carbohydrate at rest and only a small percentage of fat.
You may be metabolically inefficient for a number of reasons: For example, over-training can increase the stress hormone cortisol resulting in higher blood glucose levels and potential insulin resistance causing your body to burn high levels of carbohydrate at rest. Poor nutrition can cause insulin resistance meaning you will burn more carbohydrate at rest and could cause weight gain. In both cases, you will need to eat more food during your training and racing to maintain your energy levels. This is not good because, over long distances a higher volume of food can put you at greater risk of GI distress.

So, how do you find out what’s happening with YOUR metabolism? We are very excited to be able to offer leading-edge technology previously only available to elite athletes. Using a 5-minute breath test, we are able to accurately assess your metabolic rate and how this energy is being produced i.e. whether from fat or carbohydrate. The service also includes dietary advice to help get your metabolism back on track.