10 Minute Progress Check

Test Details

Goal: To test your progress against your training goals in terms of your aerobic capacity.
Format & Content: 30min session using previous set-up information and comprising: 5mins warm up, 10 min Test, Cool-down & Handout of progress.
Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton
Cost: See Wattbike Testing for details of costs.

The 10 Minute Progress Check is a progress check of aerobic capacity (or put more simply, your ability to work consistently at moderate to high intensity for extended periods) using your 3  minute Aerobic Test to set the sub maximal level . It has the advantage of being less fatiguing than a maximal test and therefore has a shorter recovery period.
Regular progress checks are very helpful to track the effectiveness of your training plan in which improvement is usually shown by a progressively reducing heart rate for the same cadence/power output.