3 Minute Aerobic Test

Test Details

Goal: To estimate your aerobic capacity. The absolute average power and maximum heart rate reached during the test are used to estimate your maximum minute power and maximum heart rate to calculate heart rate and power training zones.
Format & Content: 1hr session comprising: Set-up, 15mins warm up, 3 min Test, Cool-down & Handout with HR & Power data for Heart Rate & Power training zones from Recovery (for Regeneration and recovery) through to Supra-maximal (for increasing sprint power output).
Location: Inspire2tri's Studio Barn, Manton

Cost:  See Wattbike Testing for details of costs.


The 3 Minute Aerobic Test estimates your aerobic capacity, or put more simply, your ability to work consistently at moderate to high intensity for extended periods. It is important both for endurance cycling and for your general fitness. During this test we determine your average power (in watts) and your maximum heart rate which are then used to define your personal Training Zones. This test is a precursor to other tests (either repeat assessments or Ramp Tests) that you can use to track your progress throughout the season.