British Cycling Ramp Test

Test Details

Goal: To measure your aerobic capacity. The average power achieved in  the final minute (maximum minute power) and the maximum heart rate achieved during the test is used to estimate heart rate and power training zones.
Format & Content: 1hr session using previous set-up information from 3 Minute Aerobic Test. The test starts at the power defined by your 3 Minute Aerobic Test (or cycling ability for Club level or above)  and ramps by 20W (males) or 15W (females) every minute by adjusting air resistance and/or cadence, lasting 8-12 minutes. Comprises: 5mins warm up, 8-12 min Test, Cool-down & output statistics (including record of each minute for comparison with future test).

Cost:  See Wattbike Testing for details of costs.

The British Cycling Ramp Test is a progressively increasing cycling test (Power increases every minute)  measuring aerobic capacity. The starting power for the test depends on gender and average power over 3 minutes and with correct selection of power should last 8-12mins only.

Note: This test is informed by the 3 Minute Aerobic Test and is only for male cyclists who achieve an average power of 280W or more and female cyclists who achieve an average power of 215W or more in this test.