Storer Ramp Test

Test Details

Goal: To measure your aerobic capacity. The average power achieved in  the final minute (maximum minute power) and the maximum heart rate achieved during the test is used to estimate heart rate and power training zones.
Format & Content: 1hr session using previous set-up information from 3 Minute Aerobic Test. The test starts at 100W and ramps by 15W every minute, lasting 8-12 minutes to a maximum of 205W and 265W respectively. Comprises: 5mins warm up, 8-12 min Test, Cool-down & Handout of progress.
Cost:  See Wattbike Testing for details of costs.

The Storer Ramp Test is a progressively increasing cycling test (Power increases every minute). This test measures aerobic capacity and has the added advantage of estimating maximum oxygen update (VO2max) using bodyweight (Kg), age and maximum minute power (obtained from the 3 Minute Aerobic Test), with +/- 6% accuracy when compared to direct measures.

Note: This test is informed by the 3 Minute Aerobic Test and is more suitable for male cyclists who achieve an average power of 280W or less and female cyclists who achieve an average power of 215W or less in this test.