Treatment Information

A bespoke service, tailored to the athletes’ specific circumstances. This may be as simple as a 1:2:1 Analysis with strength, stability and form recommendations for progressively building back mileage after alleviating a chronic condition. It could be as complex as a full rehabilitation programme, managed initially with Clare (Physiotherapist) but leading onto joint sessions with a Soft Tissue Therapist/Coach and a tailored coaching recovery plan. For more complex needs we will always do an initial assessment to confirm costs and outline our proposed approach.
Athletes may self-refer, via their club/coach/school or via Clinical referral or recommendation. We will work with referring parties to provide relevant follow up documentation and feedback, all with the athlete’s consent.

Our aim is to provide an affordable, highly practical framework of advice, guidance and support necessary to bridge the gap from rehabilitation to competition readiness and ongoing self-management. We have excellent working relationships with key specialisms such as Nutrition, Podiatry and Physiotherapist led Pilates, which can be integrated into a rehabilitation programme if needed. Please contact Clare with your request.


Standard Physiotherapy Appointments with Clare are also available at a cost of £60 for a 1 hour first appointment and £50 for follow up 45 min appointments as required (inclusive of PPE costs). Please contact Clare directly.



An innovative approach to managing post-acute phase injury or chronic issues that goes beyond co-locating rehabilitation services.

At Inspire2tri, Mary (Director, multi-sports coach & certified NLP Sports Practitioner), Clare (Chartered Physiotherapist with lower limb speciality, post graduate bike fit & injury prevention and practical triathlon coaching experience) and Sheena(Soft Tissue Therapist with previous experience as a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist specialising in orthopaedics) provide a joined-up roadmap specifically focused on re-attaining best Sports Performance in a controlled, low-risk way.
By addressing physical and psychological readiness for return to full sports performance, we manage the transition process from “functionally capable” to “sport ready”. This enables the athlete to progress in a motivational way whilst underpinning the process with sound clinical judgement.
We also aim to take the uncertainty, stress and guesswork out of recovery or rehabilitation for athletes and coaches.  This is an “end-goal” driven approach, with the twin objectives of a successful rehabilitation pathway to minimise the likelihood of recurrence and concurrent education to empower the athlete with the knowledge and resources to manage their continued performance.

This value is explained well by Peter Guthrie, Head of Cycling & Triathlon at Millfield School: When one of my athletes suffered a recurrence of a tibial stress fracture, I knew I needed to approach her rehab in a different way.  I wanted to get to the bottom of why she re-fractured and felt that the kind of joined up thinking needed to ensure that she would be robust going forward was something that only Inspire2tri could provide. With the pool based treadmill, Mary and Clare were able to analyse the athlete’s run technique safely. Alongside land testing, they were able to diagnose a reason for the injury and how best to provide early treatment.  This led to a clear pathway for me and our on-site physio’s to follow, that helped us to ensure that the athlete started on the path back into elite junior racing much earlier than anticipated.  Inspire2tri was able to provide a truly unique service and led to a much improved outcome for the athlete.”