Maz's Testimonial

We had fun!


Aug '14 I went to an Open Evening to see what was on offer at the Rehab class, Studio Barn, Manton. I walked in on my elbow crutches and hanging onto my husband as well! Had to sit down when I eventually got up the slope and in the door as standing was a bigger problem than walking for me, and that was bad enough!  In '09, I'd been critically ill. I was in hospital for four months in total, two of those months in a coma. I hadn't been injured but my whole body had shut down and it took seven weeks for the Drs to discover the problem. Eventually they found out I had a very rare and incurable Leukaemia. I hadn't been able to use my arms or legs in those four months, or for almost two months after coming home. I tried to build up my strength once I was able to walk again but it was very hard going!
Jump forward to '14 (after I'd tried every gym and physio available to me with little success) and I went to meet Mary and Julie. My life changed! In a very few short months I was able to walk my dog a short way for the first time and in the Nov of that year, Mary and Julie nominated me for an award sponsored by Anglian Water and I was runner-up for my progress! I started taking a friend with me who wasn't able to go out much and we soon began reducing the sessions to mayhem! I'd never enjoyed any class quite the way I did this one!

Several ups and downs later we find ourselves in '17 and where am I now? Well, I was able to find a little job as dinner dragon (sorry! Dinner lady) at the school in my village. I walk there, stand and walk around on duty for an hour and walk home. Then, I take my dog for a little walk straight after. I've also been returning to school some afternoons to help at the after school club. I've also come a long way in my journey to becoming a preacher at my local church.
Make no mistake, this is still an effort for me and I'm usually in bed by 7pm! The coma and treatment left me with peripheral neuropathy so the pain never goes away (unless I'm in water) but the hospital staff and myself didn't work as hard as they did for me to roll over and rot in a chair or bed!  I no longer attend the gym as my work doesn't allow really and also, I don't really need it as much as I did. I do miss it though and the friendships and the laughs I had (and probably gave!)  As much as rehab gym helped me physically, it helped me in equal measure mentally.  I really cannot shout my praises for Mary, Julie and the rehab class enough and would urge anyone unsure if it's for them to go! It will change your life as it did mine.