1:2:1 Technical Analysis

Session Information

Delivered by Mary (Level 3 BTF Coach); please contact Mary to make a booking
The Studio Barn, Manton
£60 for 1hr 1:2:1 Analysis with video lnks. £45 each for 1.5hr Pair Analyis with video links. £30 for 30 min progress report with video links. Payment via EOLA booking system. Go to booking tab to book.
Please wear your comfortable gym gear and clean running shoes. Preferably shorts or lycra shorts with a contrasting colour of top for video sections.
COVID safety measures. We are equipped with state of the Art UVC Air Sanitising Units to create a safe indoor environment in which to exercise.


A personalised Functional Running Profile & Recommendations to help you improve your running technique, strength, speed and endurance. The "Big Picture" Running Workshop is useful background knowledge (when available) but not mandatory.
We start with a Running based Functional Movement Assessment to identify areas of weakness, tightness and asymmetry that may impact the way in which you run and your susceptability to injury, especially for triathletes and endurance runners. This is followed with a Treadmill/Outside Video Assessment of your Running form and specifically, how this is impacted by your functional analysis and how we can productively suggest improvements that are specific to you.