Strength Training for Sport & Fitness

Programme Details

Part 1: A 90min set-up session

Part 2:  A 12 week written Periodised Training Programme of 3 1hr sessions a week

Part 3: Email and phone support for reasonable Programme queries (technique, modifications etc.) during the "home" weeks.


Availability: Please contact Mary to discuss your needs.

Strength Training is a topic that many athletes shy away from especially the connertation that it is associated with muscle bulk that may be unthinkable for your chosen sport.
For some athletes, there's only so much time to spend training and sadly "strength and core" work are the first to go from a hectic schedule and lifestyle. Whilst it makes good sense in the competitive season to drop into a "maintenance" pattern, the down season is a great time to take stock and dedicate time to building sport specific strength for the new season ahead.
The training effect that comes from good targeted strength training is sport specific. It's not about weight or "bulking up" unless that's what your sport demands, but that doesn't mean you can't get some serious weight training done with significant benefits for the year ahead. What you do; how you do it; how long for how fast and how heavy all go into that all-important equation to determine the best approach to helping you perform progressively better in your sport.
And if you've just come off a hard racing season there is every chance that you have developed tightness and imbalances (how many cyclists out there are walking around with slightly hunched shoulders?!) and now is a great time to reset your form and equalise your bilateral strength.
The details opposite outline my approach to a concise, coached, "down-season" strength programme, tailored to be specific to your sport (e.g. triathlon, cyclist, runner, rower, team sports, golfer etc.) and to set you up as a better, stronger performer for the season ahead.
An initial set-up session is followed by a 12 week programme of which 1 monthly session will be in the Inspire2tri Studio with me (Mary). For your home sessions you will be supported with my own on-line (YouTube) technique videos to guide you through all the exercises. You must be able to dedicate at least 2-3hrs/week in addition, either at home or in a gym enviroment to be able to complete 3-4 prescribed sessions per week during the 12 week period.