Swim Race & Challenge Coaching

Scheme Information

Developed and delivered by Mary Hardwick and Darren Thoirs, our goal for this three month focussed "chage programme" is to improve your technical ability; enable you to gain significant insight into your swim training by understanding the purpose underlying your session plans and the way in which your ongoing improvement can be measured.
At high level, the Programme will consist of an initial set up session in the gym and Endless pool with us both. Using this input Darren will devise the sessions, goals and objectives for your tailored 3 month's training programme. Monthly review sessions in the pool (3 in total) with Mary will enable us to jointly develop the technical ability and hone training skills that you can use as a platform for your ongoing training and development.
And as BTF Level 3 Triathlon coaches we do understand the importance of creating something that is practical in both the time you have available and in integrating with your other activities.The 3 month time frame is deliberate - we want you to improve quickly; learn from your experiences and gain enough knowledge and confidence to continue to drive your progress forwards.
Our first athletes will complete in the January timeframe after which we will re-open for applicants to take up places from Feburary 2022. Email  for more information on the scheme and how to apply for a place (note places are limited).




A new and highly innovative offering from Mary & Darren for Triathletes, Aquabikers, Challenge swimmers and Swim-Runners!
We hear time and time again those words "I'm comfortable with biking and/or running but it's the swim that's letting me down". Or maybe, "I have a swim plan but I really have no idea why I'm doing the drills/sessions or how I can improve my technique."
If these are either of your experiences (or probably both!), this may be exactly what you are looking for: A personalised "one stop shop" swimming plan combining practical technique-led video analysis with a monthly session plan directly relevant to you.
In combining forces to deliver a new integrated approach we are drawing on our relevant coaching qualifications from both BTF and STA and over 20 years combined practical coaching experience. And we have significant personal experience to offer, having both swum Windermere end to end (amongst other long distance swims), and raced many Triathlon at every level from Sprint to Ironman.
Combined with unrivalled facilities of a dual propulsion Endless Pool, private Studio & Gym and an ongoing delivery agreement with Anglian Water to coach in Rutland Water, we truely think we have created an unbeatable offering to guide you successfully on your swim improvement journey.