Chris Staples, Swim Coach & Triathlete

What people think of us

After a recent group training and testing day for Triathlon with Mary Hardwick, I would like to recommend her to you.

Her friendly and approachable manner made the day very enjoyable and a fun experience. As I'm a competitive swimmer and swimming coach with 10 years experience it was instantly obvious that Mary knew what she was talking about with swimming.

Watching her work with the rest of the group allowed me to see how quickly she identified problems with stroke technique, then broke the problems down to explain them to each athlete with simple drills/corrections to fix them. Within a short space of time she had each person swimming with more efficiency and correct technique.

I was pleasantly surprised she found what looked like a small fault with my frontcrawl stroke, which I've since corrected with a drill provided by Mary. It has in fact decreased my 50m time by nearly a second in training which as a competitive swimmer is priceless and as I move into Triathlon, it should give me the advantage I need, as I'm not the best of runners...yet!

Mary was also happy to answer questions we had and provided some great advice on training and equipment for cycling. Hearing about Mary's experiences in triathlon I now feel inspired and better prepared to make the move to Triathlon. I hope to return to further improve the three disciplines with Mary and I'm likely to see her at future events as a fellow triathlete.

Chris Staples, 28, Swimmer, Swimming Coach & Triathete.