The Rainbow Trail is funded by an "Inspire the Community" grant awarded on 1st May by the Lottery Community Fund and kindly re-purposed to allow us to make this happen. It is supported by Rutland County Council and the Primary Care Network.


Follow this link to play a short video of the Rainbow Trail as featured on BBC East Midlands Today:


If you are interested in joining us please contact us on 01572 737185


What is the need?
It is highly likely that older or more vulnerable people will not be able to exercise safely inside in groups for a little while yet. Many will be highly reticent or frightened to do so. Some will have stopped exercising without the social impetus and/or trained guidance. Whilst some have technology and can follow exercise routines at home in a (relatively) safe way with familiar instructors, many cannot access/understand it. The Rainbow Trail provides a very low risk outdoor exercise option that can provide the support, facilities and control to deliver varied and appropriate exercise for older and more vulnerable populations whilst indoor exercise is not an option.
What is it?
A privately accessible non-slip cloverleaf decking trail (85m, 62m or 30m option) with a safe, non slip surface for clients (and carers) with regular, varied and appropriate exercise stations, easy to understand and follow social distancing  markers and a “safe” area for instructors and client rest.
Where is it?
Immediately adjacent to the studio, accessible from the current car park
What classes can you offer?
We offer classes every day of the week (weather dependent). These range from fully seated classes, to standing and to movement around the trail.