Outdoor Classes

Please read carefully!

To join from the patio you will need:
  • * Your own mat (and weight, if you wish to use one)
  • * Your own water/towel
  • * Your own pen (to sign disclaimer)
The patio will open 15 mins before class to allow safe assembly via a one way system in from car-park ramp and out via the handgate. Please stay in your car if you arrive early. The studio will not be open at any time. Please make sure you use the toilet at home before you travel. Sanitiser will be provided, Strict 2m+ social distancing will apply based on floor markings and we reserve the right to ask anyone not adhering to this commitment to leave the class immediately. 
We will ask you to sign a COVID disclaimer on arrival and to confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, you have no COVID symptoms at the time of the class. You will also be asked to agree to records of attendees being kept for 2 weeks after a class for Track & Trace purposes only, if required. No other use will be made of these records, and they will be destroyed thereafter. 
If the weather is not appropriate for outside classes we will notify you here at least 2hrs before the class, so that you do not travel and have the option to revert to ZOOM. Please help us by looking at this page rather than ringing or just turning up.
Booking is online as per normal classes. All we ask is that as places are likely to be sought after, you only sign up if you plan to come and don't cancel last minute as this is unfair to others wanting a place.


We are now running simultaneous ZOOM/Patio access classes for Sports & Fitness Conditioning (Mon 18:00 - 19:00), Kettles (Wed 18:00 - 19:00) and Kettles & Core (Fri 09:30 - 10:30). We apologise if the conditions opposite sound rather draconian but our collective safety is paramount as is ethical management of what should hopefully be a fun step to the "new normal".

We are asking for you to donate one session from your card for each class you attend from the  donations tab. You will need a pre-paid card with sessions on to do this. Contact Mary (mary@inspire2tri.co.uk) if you need to purchase a new crd (Bank Transfer only) and don't have one.