ZOOM & Youtube classes

Programme Details


We currently have three ZOOM classes running live a week from the studio with Mary:

Booking is online as per normal classes

And a growing Playlist of video's from all of our classes on our Youtube channels. Please contact Sheena for Purestretch classes and Mary for all others.


All you need to join these classes is an internet link to access ZOOM (which is free for you as the end user) a mat (or carpet) and a kettlebell or similar weight if you want to do the Kettles or core & Kettles class. I have adapted the classes to be able to teach at multiple levels with modifications that will challenge the toughest sports/fitness participant whilst giving "lesser mortals" very doable options. All of the classes are streamed from the studio with 50" display to make sure I can keep an eye on you and correct tecnique where necessary to make it a fun, safe experience.

At the current time we are not asking for payment per class, but this is likely to change if we stream live from the patio when we start outdoor classes, however we are asking for donations (pay as you can) from your pre-paid class cards if you feel you are getting good value - you will need a pre-aid card to join but 5 session cards are available.